About Dr. Souza

Dr. Bill Souza holds a Doctor of Science degree in Cybersecurity and boasts an impressive career spanning over 25 years. He has accumulated a wealth of experience within diverse organizations and consulting firms. For the past two decades, his focus has been exclusively on cybersecurity within energy-critical infrastructure, with substantial involvement in RTOs and Utilities.
Dr. Souza brings to the table a wide-ranging expertise encompassing essential areas such as cyber risk management, advanced risk concepts, vulnerability management, cyber governance, cybersecurity frameworks, policy formulation, collaborative cross-industry research, and strategic countermeasures.
His academic accomplishments and extensive industry tenure position Dr. Souza as a seasoned professional in the field of cybersecurity. His commitment to bolstering the security of energy-critical infrastructure makes him a valuable resource for those seeking pragmatic insights in this ever-evolving landscape.
Dr. Souza is part of and professionally affiliated with:

  • GlobalCISO Leadership Foundation (GCLF) - Board Member.
  • North Carolina Independent College & Universities (NCICU) - Committee Member
  • North Dakota University Center for Cyber Security Research (C2SR) - Industry Advisory Board Member

Why Choose Our Cybersecurity Risk Management Training?

At Executive Cyber Education, we take a holistic approach to cybersecurity risk management. We believe that effective risk management involves more than just implementing technical solutions. It requires a comprehensive strategy that includes people, processes, and technology. Our training program covers all aspects of cybersecurity risk management, from risk assessment to incident response.

We also understand that each organization is unique, and that's why we can offer customized training programs tailored to your specific needs and risks. Our mission-based approach ensures that your cybersecurity risk management program aligns with your overall business objectives.

In addition, our coaching training program provides practical, hands-on training that helps your organization develop the skills and knowledge needed to manage cybersecurity risks effectively.


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