• Let's Get Serious About Cyber Risk

    The Virtual CISO (vCISO) services will help your organization take control of your cybersecurity program and strategy and create the security you’ve been dreaming of.

Our Services

E|CE is a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) advisory services company assisting small and midsized companies across the U.S. to protect their organization's critical systems and infrastructure. Not all small to midsized businesses can afford a full-time cybersecurity executive, a technically fluent individual, and business savvy, effective communicator, from technician to CEO. An executive can guide the organization in reducing risks to information assets.

Let E|CE help you!

Cyber Risk Management

Risks are identified and prioritized to apply resources for mitigation efficiently.

Cyber Strategy

Our Strategy solution helps each unique business challenge and goal.

Policy Management Lifecycle

Our team at E|CE develop and maintain your policies and standards

Incident Response Plan

Our team develops and prepare your team with desktop exercises. 

Stay Ahead With Us

E|CE provides exclusive services and insights to help our clients stay ahead of complex cyber risk, governance, and growth demands. Our solutions deliver a powerful competitive advantage to small and midsized businesses, enabling faster, smarter and more sustainable decisions.

The Doctor's Advice Podcast


We have a new podcast that our CEO and Founder Dr. Bill Souza will be publishing on a weekly basis. On this show, Dr. Souza will talk about cybersecurity, cybersecurity risk, metrics, measures, talk about current events, hot topics, and much more.