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Cybersecurity Services

One Convenient Monthly Subscription


  • Up to 100 employees.
  • Up to 100 active internal IPs


  • Up to 500 employees.
  • Up to 500 active internal IPs


  • Up to 1000 employees.
  • Up to 1000 active internal IPs

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General Consulting Services

Organizations get overwhelmed and fix the most significant problems instead of strategically focusing on the ones that impact the mission and vision of the organization. Organizations have limited budgets, so it is essential to focus on the high-risk areas with the highest likelihood of significant mission impact on the organization. E|CE can help protect your company by partnering with you and providing the training and advisory services you need to be successful. We want to be your trusted lifelong strategic partner providing strategic services to each of our clients.


    Mission-Oriented cybersecurity & risk program

    Trusted partner

    Executive coaching


    Some examples on what we can help:

    Policy Management

    Procedure Recommendation

    Process Improvement

    One-on-One Training

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