Cybersecurity Risk

Cybersecurity Risk

Hosted by: Dr. Bill Souza

Cyber risk is a complex topic and part of a larger picture in your organization. Cyber risk is a strategic necessity for any organization to increase cyber resilience. In this podcast, we will have an open...


Cybersecurity Risk Management - Physical Devices

Episode #43

Cybersecurity Risk Management - Physical DevicesThe risk management process entails four fundamental concepts, which can be further broken down; however, the fundamental concepts are: Frame riskAssess riskRespond to...
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Questions Boards Should Ask

Episode #42

Questions Boards Should AskThe challenge for directors or investors is determining the organizational overall cybersecurity maturity relative to the risk. The board of directors, in particular, has an oversight...
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Cybersecurity Confidence vs Performance

Episode #41

Cybersecurity Confidence vs. PerformanceSeveral studies conducted in other fields showed how spending effort on analysis improved confidence even when the actual performance was not improved. A study by the University...
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The MOST Important Cybersecurity Principle

Episode #40

Asset management is most commonly associated with cybersecurity hygiene, which is associated with patching, anti-virus, access control, and other asset-specific protections. However, there are three NIST CSF...
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5 Focus Areas - Third-Party Risk Measurements

Episode #39

There are two types of third-party risk: product vendors and service providers. Product vendors outsource software, platform, and infrastructure, known as SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. According to some estimates, only 40% of...
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5 Must-Have Cybersecurity Strategies for Small Businesses

Episode #38

Cyber attacks targetting small businesses that often do not have the resources to defend against devastating attacks like ransomware have grown. As a small business CEO or CIO, you have likely come across outdated...
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Third-Party Risk Management

Episode #37

Third-Party Risk ManagementThe third-party outsourcing trend will continue to grow in the coming years, which places third-party risk as a significant concern for organizations, large or small. Depending on which...
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Chasing Perfection

Episode #36

Chasing PerfectionPursuing perfection takes a lot of resources, financially and people. In Cybersecurity risk management, there are two key questions: When will enough be enough? What is the correct amount of time and...
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Cybersecurity Risk & Budget Challenges

Episode #35

Amid a global financial crisis and potentially facing cybersecurity budget challenges, you are now facing a tough decision; how to do more with less. What if I told you that you can; change the focus of your...
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5 Rules for Cybersecurity Risk Metrics

Episode #34

Rules for Effective Cybersecurity MetricsFirst, you must establish agreement among your leadership on the actual risk(s) to measure, then select which data will provide the most accurate representation of the risk.The...
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Mission-Centric Risk Assessment - Preparation

Episode #33

Mission Centric Risk AssessmentIn a mission-based risk assessment, the question is, how do you perform one? A four-layer approach will be a good start: Mission layerOperational layerApplication layerInfrastructure...
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Top 2 Measurement Challenges

Episode #32

When measuring risk in your organization, you’ll typically discover two challenges: First, top key risk measures that do not have supporting data (aspirational). Second, you’ll be developing middle to low measures...
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