Cybersecurity Risk

Cybersecurity Risk

Hosted by: Dr. Bill Souza

Cyber risk is a complex topic and part of a larger picture in your organization. Cyber risk is a strategic necessity for any organization to increase cyber resilience. In this podcast, we will have an open...


Mission-Centric Risk Metrics

Mission-Centric Cyber Risk Metrics Understanding what to measure in a mission-critical risk program is important, so today, I'll discuss a framework you can use. 1. Identify the system's environment (production,...
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Expanding Cyber Risk Beyond IT

Retail banking takes care of regular daily banking, for which most people know banks. This includes providing checking and saving services and issuing credit cards. Retail banking divisions may also be in charge of...
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Three Cybersecurity Checkups

Technologies and the methods used to hack into them continuously evolve. If you’re looking for an effective and efficient way to check the cybersecurity health of your organization, I suggest the following three...
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Cybersecurity - A Core Business Risk

Episode #55

Do you believe these are business challenges?UpskillingLow morale or quiet quittingHiring and talent retentionKeeping up with technology and toolsIf so, why aren’t you considering cybersecurity as a core business...
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A Worthy Mention - Antivirus Software

Episode #54

Antivirus has become a necessary tool for preventing cyber incidents; while the market is crowded, you need to look for antivirus software that fits your organization’s needs. NIST has guidance that you can leverage;...
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Greater than Cybersecurity

Episode #53

Greater than CybersecurityWhen we realize that our cybersecurity challenges are complex and intertwined with conscious living people who view their actions in light of stories with emotions and ideas attached, one...
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Protective Techology

Episode #52

Protective TechnologyThe last item I want to mention under the Protect function that supports the  attack surface reduction and limits the cyber events' impact on your systems is “protective technologies.” Remember,...
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Information Protection - Processes & Procedures

Episode #51

Ideally and preferably, your cybersecurity program should follow established policies, standards, and procedures. These documents will govern all organization members, including staff, vendors, volunteers, and anyone...
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Protect - Data Security

Episode #50

Data SecurityThe third of the six critical cybersecurity categories I presented previously is “data security.” An organization's most valuable asset is data; hackers seek data sources to steal from businesses,...
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Protect - Awareness and Training

Episode #49

Securing and protecting your organization also takes a village to make happen, so cybersecurity awareness and training become very important; there’s so much technology can do to protect against phishing and its...
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Episode #48

The problem educational narrative about “college” has created a false dichotomy between the two well-discussed college purposes. Some say college is about preparing a person for work – to help them get better...
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Addressing the Highest Risks Podcast

Episode #47

Addressing the Highest RisksAs we conclude the risk assessment and governance process, the last part will deal with the organization's highest risks, not the highest vulnerability, but rather the highest risks. This...
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