Episode #48

The problem educational narrative about “college” has created a false dichotomy between the two well-discussed college purposes. Some say college is about preparing a person for work – to help them get better employment or career. The other camp says college is about preparing an individual for success in life. Many of us see the purpose of college as both a job-driven and a career-driven purpose. However, our conversation is incredibly stuck in the either/or debate on these two beliefs.

“Don’t let schooling interfere with your education”- Mark Twain.

The other discussion is the never-ending comparison between college degrees and certifications; similar to the purpose of college; this discussion seems endless. Several other variables are not considered or at least not openly discussed when this topic is brought up. 

The bottom line, it depends on the stage of your life at the moment, what career you are pursuing, and various other factors that affect this decision. The only wrong decision is not seeking education. 


Dr. Bill Souza
CEO | Founder