Protect - Awareness and Training

Episode #49

Securing and protecting your organization also takes a village to make happen, so cybersecurity awareness and training become very important; there’s so much technology can do to protect against phishing and its infinite variations, including the most efficient one, the Business Email Compromise (BEC); the FBI calls it “one of the most financially damaging online crimes.”

The NIST Framework addresses awareness and training in its Protect function under the category PR.AT, and it is also one of the top goals of the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE). However, cybersecurity awareness has been a challenge for every organization because training individuals with several different skill levels and interest is complex.

The diffusion of innovation principle tells us that the adoption rate of an innovation or idea is compatible with the values, beliefs, and past experiences of individuals in the social system. So, are you connecting to your audience? 

Here is what the diffusion of innovation principle tells us as well; 

On the bell curve, all population sits in the standard deviation; you will always have high, low, and average performers. The first 2.5% will be innovators, the big idea people; the next 12 to 13% will be the early adopters; these individuals will be excited with a new idea, process, or product that aligns with their own values and beliefs; the next approximately 68% are the early majority, late majority, which is your average individuals, with the last about 16% being the lagging performers, these individuals will adopt the idea or process because they don’t have a choice.  

You need to gain the majority’s attention to achieve cybersecurity training penetration. To do that, you need to aim for your innovators and early adopters because most will not try something new if someone else hasn’t tried it. 

You need to understand your audience.


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Dr. Bill Souza
CEO | Founder