Greater than Cybersecurity

Episode #53

Greater than Cybersecurity

When we realize that our cybersecurity challenges are complex and intertwined with conscious living people who view their actions in light of stories with emotions and ideas attached, one sees the need for many different perspectives. Therefore, the solution for your cybersecurity challenges will require knowledge beyond its discipline; it will involve communication, marketing, business, psychology, and sociology, among others. 

However, as an industry, we tend to become insular; as subject matter experts, we can’t know everything, so the first impulse is to specialize, narrowing our point of view to a defined subject. 

When cybersecurity reports are published depicting the most significant cybersecurity events of the year, they rarely focus on the critical narratives that accompanied those events or what actions, or lack thereof, led to those events.

It is not enough to assess what controls or tools are deployed in an organization. You need to understand the governance and management oversight of these controls and tools to ensure that they are effectively being used as prescribed; otherwise, you only see half of the story. 

Be critical, think critically, and have the right strategy in place. 


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Dr. Bill Souza
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