A Worthy Mention - Antivirus Software

Episode #54

Antivirus has become a necessary tool for preventing cyber incidents; while the market is crowded, you need to look for antivirus software that fits your organization’s needs. NIST has guidance that you can leverage; NIST 800-83 recommends key capabilities that an antivirus software must have:

  • Scanning startup files and boot records
  • Real-time scanning of emails and email attachments for malware
  • Behavior monitoring of emails, browsers, and instant messaging software
  • Scanning for known malware
  • Disinfecting files
  • Quarantining files
  • Identifying common types of malware and attacker tools

NIST also recommends that organizations deploy antivirus software from a host and network-based perspective.

NIST 800-83: https://csrc.nist.gov/publications/detail/sp/800-83/rev-1/final


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