5 Must-Have Cybersecurity Strategies for Small Businesses

Cyber attacks targetting small businesses that often do not have the resources to defend against devastating attacks like ransomware have grown. As a small business CEO or CIO, you have likely come across outdated security advice that does not help prevent the most common attacks. The security landscape has changed, and your cybersecurity knowledge needs to evolve with it. Here are 5 tips to get you started:
Establish a culture of [cyber] security
Talk about cybersecurity to leadership and staff, communicate cybersecurity program initiatives in your regular communications, and set measurable quarterly cybersecurity goals are just a few examples.
Hire a vCISO or part-time CISO
Due to the ever-changing nature of the cybersecurity threat environment, consider having a part-time CISO (vCISO) on a retainer to assist your organization with all cybersecurity initiatives. A vCISO can lead your staff in developing DRP, IRP, Acceptable Use Policy, Cybersecurity Policy, Remote Access...

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