Strategic Insights - Volatility

cybersecurity smallbusiness Sep 09, 2022

We’re living in an environment where new challenges, such as the war in Ukraine and high inflation, have been piled onto previous challenges, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and global supply chain disruptions which in turn were drastically accelerated by long-standing trends like digitization and sustainability.

McKinsey believes that we have entered an age of volatility, where some leaders are hitting the brakes and holding for better business conditions while others are charging ahead. The first type of leader is cautious and defensive when dealing with volatility and uncertainty, while the second type of leader takes all the right defensive actions while also leaning into the volatility and using it as an opportunity to act.

As a cybersecurity leader, you may be challenged to protect your organization while facing budget constraints, hiring freezes, and staff turnover; however, this is an opportunity to revisit your risk management and cybersecurity strategy. Re-focus and re-commit your cybersecurity defenses around the most critical system in your organization will assist the organization to:
Focus on innovation and speed to market
Accelerate digital innovation
Institutional risk management into business transformation
This might be a challenging moment we are all going through, but necessity is the mother of all innovations.


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Author: Dr. Bill Souza | Sep 9, 2022 


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