Chasing Perfection

cybersecurity metrics smallbusiness smb Jul 25, 2022

Pursuing perfection takes a lot of resources, financially and people. In Cybersecurity risk management, there are two key questions: 

  • When will enough be enough? 
  • What is the correct amount of time and effort should your organization spend to achieve a reasonable level of cybersecurity against an attacker?

The answer to these questions will be your risk tolerance. Chasing perfection has challenges and may not get you where you want to be. Chasing perfection may also risk missing the big picture, leaving security gaps in other areas of your organization, and burning out your staff.

A holistic and mission-driven approach to cybersecurity, with reasonable and measurable goals, will help secure your organization. To get you started, keep in mind three questions:

  1. What are your organization’s cybersecurity risks?
  2. How are you managing the organization’s cybersecurity risks?
  3. How are you measuring your cybersecurity risk reduction?


Author: Dr. Bill Souza | Jul 25, 2022 


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