Asking the Right Questions

cybersecurity governance smallbusiness Aug 23, 2022

From an executive perspective, cybersecurity is not about network packets, bits, and bytes, or reverse engineering malware but rather about understanding the macro issues that cause the most breaches and having a way to measure if you are at risk.

Once you understand the causes, you can ask better questions, enabling you to quantify the level of cybersecurity risk your organization may face. Tracking the right cybersecurity metrics and leveraging automation to prevent human errors will help the organization close the gaps used by attackers.

Developing cybersecurity reports can assist executives in the following ways:

  1. Reporting helps executives more accurately assess organizational risks.
  2. Monitor remediation initiatives to close cybersecurity gaps.
  3. Well-design reports can assist you in aligning cybersecurity spending with risk reduction.

Once you start asking questions, your cybersecurity team may tell you that it is impossible to provide the answers you need or that they will need more resources, such as people and technology; however, be certain that your questions will drive better investment decisions.


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Author: Dr. Bill Souza | Aug 23, 2022 


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